Ethan Edwards, 

Kathryn Bowman, 

Laura Veach, 

Danny Halel, 

Assistant Secretary
Barbara Compton, 

Julie Niesen, 

Assistant Treasurer

Kathy Albers
David Cox
Barbara Ducey

Sue Knepper
Hilda Koluch

Kathryn Lakiotis

Eileen Lapka
Sharron Lindsey*
Danny Nollman

Riley Owens
Cathy Stoltz

Joshua Wohltman

* Board Member Emeritus



The Philharmonic Society of Belleville is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting arts in our community. Founded in 1866 by a group of interested citizens, the Philharmonic has been an integral part of providing musical experience for musicians and music lovers.

Membership in the society is established by purchasing a Season Ticket.  All members have voting rights in electing the Board of Directors.  Directors serve for a term of four years.

We encourage interested community members to join the board. Board members need not be musicians but they should have a passion for the mission of the organization!

"For the Love of Music Since 1866"