Madeline De Geest, age 13, is a homeschooled eighth grader. She moved from Belgium to St. Louis at age 2.
Madeline is the 2017 State Winner of the MTNA Junior Piano Competition and made her orchestral piano debut as the 2017 Mary Stillwell Young Artists' Concerto Competition Guild Award winner from the Alton Symphony Orchestra. In addition, she is a winner of the 2017 Missouri Baptist Solo Concerto Competition, and a multiple winner at the International Great Composers Competition 2018, receiving first prizes for the best Ravel, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven and German/Austrian Music Performance.

Madeline also plays the violin and made her orchestral solo debut as a winner of the 2016 Missouri Baptist Solo Concerto Competition. Since then she is a winner in the 2018 University City William Schatzkamer Young Artist Competition and the 2018 Belleville Stars of Tomorrow Concerto Competition. Madeline is in her second year - and is still the youngest member - of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra.
Madeline studies conducting and is intrigued by composing as well. In 2015 two of her compositions, "Waterfall" and "Mysterious," were performed at Webster.

Madeline would like to thank all her incredible teachers she studied with so far:  Dr. Robert Hart Baker, Mr. Joseph Kaminsky, Ms. Zena Ilyashov, Mr. Ken Kulosa, Mr. Patrick Jackson, Mr. John Thomas, Mrs. Vera Parkin, and pianist Michael Lu.

Madeline De Geest

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