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The Tuerck Memorial Competition was established to commemorate the life and works of the Belleville Philharmonic Youth Orchestra founder, George N. Tuerck. The 2018 competition will be held on March 9th. Winners receive a small scholarship award and are featured at the George N. Tuerck Memorial Concert to be held in December. The competition is open to eligible young musicians on any orchestral instrument including piano, harp, or percussion. Rules will be uploaded to the website soon!

First Place Winner - Anna Zhong.

Stars of Tomorrow 2018 Concerto Winners 

Hannah Risberg 2nd place

Second Place - Madeline De Geest 

Summer Feldt - First place

First Place Winner - April Moon.

The Belleville Philharmonic Society is pleased to support talented young musicians by holding two young artist's competitions, the Stars of Tomorrow Concerto Competition and the George N. Tuerck Concerto Competition. The Stars of Tomorrow Competition is open to any musician ages 10 to 22. The Tuerck Competition is open to High School Juniors or younger who reside or take music lessons in the Illinois counties surrounding the Belleville community. Past or present Belleville Philharmonic Youth Orchestra members are eligible regardless of Illinois residency. 

2018 Tuerck Concerto Winners



 The Philharmonic Society of Belleville is pleased to support talented young musicians. In 2018, Our Stars of Tomorrow Concerto Competition resulted in performance opportunities for four young musicians to perform a movement from a concerto with the Belleville Philharmonic orchestra. The 2019 competition will be held on April 6th from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. Applicants 10 to 22 are enthusiastically encouraged to apply. Applications with a $25 registration fee must be sent to the Philharmonic Hall. 2019 Rules and Application form will be coming soon.

Third Place Winner - Alex Chen.